Hands down, the fastest and easiest to use software in the industry. Issue cards in seconds, not minutes. 

 Think about it.

     This is a complex device. It ties into your reservation system (optional, you don't need a reservation system for use), updates from your reservation system. Uses that data to determine if a card holder is valid or not valid, opens the gate, takes pictures, issues cards, returns cards, reads cards. The system has to do all of these not so simple things, yet be simple to use.

   Great Gate Software does it all!

Great GateTM Software includes three distinct functions, Front Desk, Custom Setup, and Gate Client:


It can’t possibly get any easier than Great Gate TM.

It can’t possibly get any faster than Great Gate TM.    

In most instances you touch the screen twice, swipe the card and hand it to your customer. It can’t get easier than that. 


  Nothing can be any faster!

Any time any card is swiped, valid or not, night or day, a picture is taken and a detailed log entry is made. It can’t get any better than Great Gate TM.  

Display a personal message to a specific cardholder such as “There is an issue with your reservation, please come to the office.” or perhaps, “Happy Birthday!”.  


(Actual Screen Shot)

Nothing empowers your finger like Great Gate TM.

Touch the screen once, updates from your reservation system.

Touch the screen once and open the gate as a front office over ride.

Touch the screen once to declare a cardholder as Always Deny Entrance.

Touch the screen once to declare a cardholder as Always Allow Entrance.

Touch the screen once, and take a picture.




You control what your client sees when greeted by the Great Gate TM Kiosk. Define your rules and reflect your facility’s unique image and services.  


  • Display your company name and logo.
  • Declare check in and check out time.
  • Define hours of use for Day Guests.
  • Define hours of use for Over Night Guests.
  • Define in your words, what is displayed as a greeting.
  • Define in your words, what is displayed if the customer attempts entry prior to the reservation Arrival Date.
  • Define in your words, what is displayed if the customer attempts entry after the reservation has expired.
  • Define in your words what is displayed if a cardholder has been declared “Always Deny”.  


  • Define in your words what is displayed if cardholder attempts to use the card too soon (you decide how many minutes) after the initial entry. One card, one car.  


(Actual Screen Shot)


  • Define in your words what public message to display before a card is swiped, such as “Bingo Night is Friday at 8:00 PM in the Main Building Hall, join us and have fun!” and perhaps “The pool is closed today for maintenance.”  
  • Define in your words what message is scrolling on the bottom, such as “Firewood only 3 dollars, fill your Propane here as low as 11 dollars.”  





















Your customers approach the gate; they see any announcements about activities or sales. In fact,  they see anything that you declare in your own words. Your company logo is branded on the screen. They swipe the card they were issued, or their credit card if they chose that route, and one of two things occur.  

They have a valid reservation and are entering the grounds as a customer in good standing. Their information, messages and greetings are displayed, the Public Message Area turns all green and the gate opens for them.  


They do not have a valid reservation, or perhaps they are being denied entrance because you have issues with them that need to be addressed, or perhaps they handed the card to a car behind them to gain free admittance to your facilities. The Public Message area turns all red. The gate does not open. A message is displayed to inform them of why the gate did not open.  


A picture is taken and the event is logged.

GREAT GATE TM there is nothing on the market like it!

(Actual Screen Shot)

Not All Access Controllers Are What You Need To Control Access.

With Great Gate's Flexibility You Can Tailor It To Fit. 


GREAT GATE! TM is the solution for security and automation of your facility’s entrance gate. Using inexpensive magnetic cards (in fact it can use your guest’s credit card), it is the easiest and fastest product ever developed for this application. The typical system includes Great Gate TM software, a computer with camera, gate relay, scanner and screen in a weather and tamper proof enclosure for the outside gate client (we strongly recommend the Great Gate TM Kiosk), and a computer, touch screen and scanner for the Front desk. A gate with a momentary contact opening switch is required.

Campgrounds, Industrial Parks, Municipal Buildings, Storage Facilities, Parking Lots, GREAT GATE is the answer for your access control system. 

We will customize a system to suit your requirements.

 Think entry controls for rooms, buildings, elevators, labs, zoos,

 whatever you can dream up of, odds are,

we can do it for you.

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